Edvigeman is a social-animal, a nocturnal predator that knows how to look beyond, a symbol of wisdom and knowledge. The modern man is losing his ancestral identity. He judges what is right and what is wrong because he thinks he knows; to be functional and skillful he must first embrace his own shadow and then strip off his own certainties and move away from his idols, only mental certainties, to regain the verticality of his soul. Only in this way he will acquire the awareness and appreciation of his own uniqueness in favor of the integrity of being: Knowing, Knowing how to do, Being.
Edvigeman could conquer the beautiful and good feelings his vitality and return to being healthy, kind and grateful. Edvigemen experiences different flight paths, fatigue, lack of food, a sense of loneliness, loss of orientation, until he crashes and finds himself on the ground upset in a horizontal position. It has no more strength, neither physical nor mental, only a part of the slit in the eye remains its vital. Seemed but it’s just a bad feeling … And that’s how he returns to see the sky, its natural habitat. He feels delighted and realizes that he was following a trajectory not his own.
It is almost daytime, the other birds and other men are living with new energy, the light thus warms his body; one’s lifeblood begins to flow within it, again.
The courage to accept his claudication pushes him to regain possession of his flying skills. He dreams of gliding in the universe, thus acquiring a new attitude, finally overcoming his limits with the strength of the unconscious imagination.
Edvigeman finds in his companions a help to move forward and a healthy mirror on which to compare himself; the other thus becomes a fundamental part for its growth to 361 degrees.
Now Edvigeman is a man of integrity, who knows how to see with a free eye the true reality, that always has a duality of lights and shadows at last. Now he has courage and thus becomes a “warrior of the light” … who can radiate all men who know how to accept his diversity of being a “man-owl”.

Niki Mandolesi