The ASD EDVIGE 361° wants to be a container of experiences lived in first person by the founding members Manuela Gamba and Niki Mandolesi, and naturally shared with other people, who participated, lived and experienced.

It is a journey where you can discover new ideas, knowledge, perhaps a little alternative paths on everything related to playful and physical activity. A new way of approaching what the game represents in our life, not only a broadening of our horizons of our life, going “beyond” our limits that could only be shadows but if transformed they can be transformed into lights for ourselves and for others: we are unique people made of body, mind and spirit.

 Why EDVIGE361° ?

Hedwig was the snowy owl (Bubo scandiacus) from Harry Potter. Hedwig was an 11 year old gift from Hagrid to Harry. In addition to delivering mail, and being “used” for typical owl uses, Hedwig, she was also a loyal companion to Harry.

Hedwig was a proud and dignified owl.

EDVIGE was taken by the author Rowling from the medieval book of Saints and celebrated on October 16, also EDVIGE, Scandinavian name means warrior and pugnacious woman.

361° ?

The peculiarity of the owl is to be a nocturnal animal to see in the dark even if alert in the rest of the day, as well as given its morphological characteristics, it has a neck that rotates for 270 °. In this way, even if the connection between the vertebral artery and the skull is interrupted by an extreme rotation of the neck, the blood flow to the brain never suffers those interruptions that would be harmful, if not lethal, for the animal.

Edvige 361 degrees was born with a school project called Moving in Experience which was implemented in two modules where the pupils of different classes freely participated in this activity both at school (in-depth studies and studies on maps of the territory, films, interviews) and outdoors. (trekking, climbing, swimming, mountain biking, running).

The experience as volunteers at the Rio 2016 Olympics has greatly sensitized us to the Paralympic world, creating an event at school with Paralympic coaches and athletes.

•      Moving into Module 1 and 2 experience with different high school class groups, Objectives: socialization and creativity

•      Harry Potter Module 1 (the first 4 films) and 2 (the following 3 films)with only one class Objectives: socialization, creative play, sense of belonging and identity, cooperation and ability to choose

•      Lord Of the Ring :The Fellowship of the Ring with only one class. Objectives: cooperation, lights / shadows, the hero, the role play, the challenge

After Moving in Experience, we focused our attention on proposing to a single class the principles expressed and experienced in previous years through the interpretation of the Harry Potter saga, divided into 2 modules, the first relating to the first 4 films and the second to the others 3. using the sociomotor game as a starting point. The resulting experience has also become an object of interest for the other teachers of the class so that it becomes a multidisciplinary project.

The sample class through these new uncooded play experiences had an improvement both from a learning and behavioral point of view.

The journey continues with a new challenge: a new proposal was made to the class: The Lord of the Rings by Tolkien with the first book The Fellowship of the Ring, a journey full of pitfalls and battles to reach a final destination. , the uncooded game has dominated through character studies, interviews and battles against orcs.

The game as a tool to overcome one’s fears and insecurities.